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The Harold James Memorial Library is home to 20,000 volume collection of books, subscriptions to many popular magazines, a 20-seat computer lab, individual study rooms, and study carrels.
Boarding school library main lobby

The library subscribes to Region One Education Services Center, which provides online access for research services. The MMA Library home webpage details the resources for the students; however, some of the main services used on a daily basis are:

  • EBSCO Student Research Center – Provides a search interface designed specifically for secondary school students, according to their needs.
  • EBSCO Literary Reference Center – A comprehensive database that provides users with a broad spectrum of information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and time frames.
  • Facts on File Issues and Controversies – helps researchers understand the crucial issues we face today, exploring a multitude of hot topics in business, politics, government, education, and popular culture.
  • General Encyclopedias: Britannica Online School Edition and World Book

During the school day, students with teacher permission and teachers with their classes use the library to work on assignments and perform research. The library is open in the evening during the student's study hours (CCQ). Students use the library at this time for study, homework, computer work, reading, and research. The library provides a quiet and focused study atmosphere.

The research resources allow access to thousands of full-text magazines. The library also subscribes to 70-plus magazines and receives hard copies for students to view. Many are recreational and sports-related.

The fiction collection not only has the standard reading classics but also currently recommended selections that appeal to teenage boys. Student requests for book titles are always welcome.

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